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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


Educational Fair

the above attract me the most!!! ^^ hehe.... its abt tourism.................................

2day go to edu fair with JEAN and BOBO................... so many to see, so many to take and so many to hear!!!
(going back home with full loaded thing in hand)!!! hahaha
planning wat to study after spm.... maybe a level?? diploma??? hmmmm.... headache ar!!!
bt wat i gt to do nw is STUDY!!!! in order to achieve wat i wan, i gt to STUDY!!!!
haiz... so sian being as a student, bt when im an adult, i will be sien being as an adult and wants to be a student again!!! haiz haiz haiz... tats wat we call HUMAN!!!
lol.... bt anyway..... u ever think of wat r u gonna b or who r u in the coming days or we can say the future?!!
yes or no... tats the only answer u can get besides than dont knw....
we have the right to choose our own way(job , life) ... bt there are some person who juz like to interupt and force u in doing something that u dont even like it or u can say no interest in it!!!
for example my grandpa and grandma..... they r forcing me as if they knw alot!!! although they are caring abt me bt i hate the way they did tat!!! they limit the course tat i can take after spm!!!
in their mind(way of thinking) , there are only MONEY , MONEY ,MONEY....MONEY!!!
none of their word can get away with the word MONEY!!!
u knw students do have stress!! u knw wats our stress????
maybe some will say wat stress do students have?!!! only adults have stress~~~!!!
WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! totally wrong,... tats because our stress come frm u adults... u think tat students have no stress, and tat thinking is already a big commom stress for us!!!
secondly u wan us get good results... when we study, those people did not see it!! bt its time for us to play, they say we did not study!!! u knw wat is this call??? its call REDICULOUS!!!
tell u wat... i have enough of it... bt too bad i cant do a thing... so to make them speehless, ineed to study....
tell u one more thing, i have a stupid brain witha lousy short term memory!!!
haiz.... y do god let me this way??(oops cant blame god... blame myself for did not take care of it== ).............
wow!!! all this way i have never really have a happy life... and if u notice , i seldom or never talk about my grandparents............. haiz.... got grandparents oso equal to zero!!!
we are not close altough we stay together for 17years..... i like my grandparents in singapore more although we meet each other in a very long time... tats because they have better understanding if compare to them!!! hahahaha..... shuang dao!!!!
kla..... nw u knw my story, than tats mean u knw me more.... haha....
all the thing i mention is so true tat i hate it!!!!(hatred and anger came to me when thinking about it when writing this passage)..
well!!! lifes cant change easily unless u urself fight for it!!!
pray for urself and others as well!!!
tell urself u can do it... tell urself not to cry..... tell urself to be patient..... tel urself to have more confidence!!!!
keep it up!!! 加油!!! 화이킹!!!! tats wat we tell others and ourself when doing sumting!!!
bt did u ever notice tat, the more u say, the more nervous u are????????? hmmmmmmmmm...
life's like tat so live it tat way!!!
oh isit true??? can u believe tat,,,, huh??? is life really tat way?
u will start to ask WHICH WAY???
the way i mean is the way tat god gives and the way u urself do..... the future laid in our very own hand!!!
so!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up and never give up!!! cz there's only once in a lifetime!!!
let us all keep moving and dont stop!!! lets fight for victory for ourself!!!
tell urself u can do it!!!
frm this very moment, lets fight for our future!!!!
promise me okay?????
hahaha...... gogogogogogogogogogogogogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My MASTERPIECE!!!!!!! coool huh!!!

ahahahahaha!!! happy ar when seeing it!!!