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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!





So here are some of the photos that I collage ...

A/N : We had 3 shoots at the same location so that's why 3 different sets of outfits.

I am the one in
- denim top
- orange color (CHOSE RAINBOW BECAUSE EVEN though 7 different colors but still they are together as one)
- white color top with scarf on my hand


this is more like BTS shot~ LOL



yet another~ as you can see others are a mess behind me. -_-

And yeah , I will try collage more and post it up here in the future~ -_-
and read my previous post! THANK YOU!



Current fears, worries, & issues

HI dear readers.

I'm here to let my heart out.

I have been paranoid and worrying over some issues since last week and I am currently in a some what bad condition.

I am going to have my internship in Singapore this coming Tuesday(20/08/13) for 6 months long.

I am scared and literally scared. I am paranoid and I have not been eating properly. I am so down that I don't even really smile when I am at home, unless you take me out cause I really needed fresh air.

When I am out from home, I feel more relieved and I don't think so much. All those thoughts of things that are possible to happen kept flashing through my mind. I just can't stop it. I am frustrated too. 

6 months seems long, 25 weeks seems fast. but they are the same thing. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and time pass by fast. like super fast. After that, then I will be back here.

I really do hope that everything will like pass by without me knowing much. And as mush as I work, I hope I have time to actually go online and not be like someone who get off work late and back home and sleep. I don't want that. 

I know it is gonna be tough for people are employing us. 6 months. Please pray for me and my friends. I don't ask for much. I just want everything to be okay and smooth, safe and time flies.

What is on my mind right now??

The worst thing that I fear most is something I have no idea what am I worrying about. It's just there that makes me hard to breath, I can cry anytime,and I have no mood.

Like every time when I am down, I used to listen to music. But now, I can't even play those musics that i like so much, because they remind me of those times I am at home. carefree.
Yes! main problem is that I am gonna be so HOMESICK. I will definitely miss my mum. 

Another thing, it would be the colleagues and Housemate. yes, we are sharing apartment with others. I really do hope that my colleagues and housemates are friendly and nice people. People who are willing to teach and accept us. (LORD GOD, PLEASE HELP ME)

I know time flies, but it was before, I have no idea if I will have that feeling of time flying so fast when I am there in Singapore. Singapore is a safe country, I know that, but it is still a foreign country for me. I mean I have been there a lot a lot of times but This will ever be my first time going there ALOE for 6 MONTHS for WORK.

I know some of you might laugh at me even before you read till here, but I am just scared.

I have safe issues. I am insecure. 

But think about my 3 months in Selangor alone. I managed to overcome too.

I was being assigned to the army camp in SELANGOR for 3 months and I went alone. NO friends nothing.
I managed to survived 3 months without internet in the jungle. Waking up at 5.30A.M to freshen up before fall in for morning exercise. (I overcome lack of sleep)

I managed to stay in a dorm of 30 people in a room(cause it was an army camp) which I do not and didn't have any idea who are they for 3 months and I managed to survived either. (I overcome the fear of trust)

I've never been in to Selangor before. That was my first time there and 3 months for a first timer was longer than expected. Time in there passed by so much slower. What I did there was pray and wrote diary. 
The day never ended fast and it was mostly filled with drama. DRAMA as in things happening. mostly bad things because some teammates just can't think. 

I still remember the moment I was at the airport, I bid my parents goodbye and to board the plane, I never once turned back and bid them good bye for the second time, and they understood why. WHY!? I might cry even harder. I am a homely guy. Well mostly because I have safety issues like I said before, insecure. 

EVERYTHING THAT HAS PASSED! I OVERCOME!! i am sure I can make it this time but a small part of me is still scared. that's why this post was created. I felt so much better after writing the flashback part. 

- "My friend told me that I was never weak, from the time he knew me till now. He said I am a fighter, I am myself, I am someone who knows how to fight on my own way. I might not look strong on the outside, but I have my way to achieve things. "

Know what?  I cried even harder after hearing that fro my friend. But in a good way. Those words really soothed me. It feels like someone is finally here lending you his shoulder. I am glad that there was people who actually cared about my pathetic excuses of life.


SO yeah, it will be nice if you pray for e and my friend who are having internships too. Pray that everything goes smoothly, everything is fine, everyone is safe and sound, and the day we reunite it will gonna be he best day of my life. 

The truth is that, I am gonna miss my parents so much, miss home, miss my friend...

NEW ADVENTURE ahead of me, I know it must be the obstacles of life that people said. It must be something that I must overcome. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! i really want full faith in myself but I will try to build up the other half of it.

****Lord god, Please hear me, I hope that my employer will be someone nice and understanding and colleagues are nice and understanding as well. Send your Guardian Angel guide me and my friends who are in other countries having internships as well.May all of us be safe and good condition. The moments there will be something that we should remember and take it as example for our life as it will be our first step. Let us have enough rest each day. I know that enough rest are not really possible sometimes. Amen.****

May my journey begins~~


(I will try to update when i have time, I can make use of my blog as a diary too)...