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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


Woo Young!!!!

OK!!! i had been crazy for K-pop for a few years....
so this post here i would like to share with you the idol that gets my attention during their performance.... He is from the group 2pm...
He is super attractive to me!!
I'm not saying about muscles.. as you all know that he has the smallest muscles in the groups... =_________________=
what i am trying to say is that his charisma... is .. .WOW!! haha
i find him so attractive in DREAM HIGH~~~
so i continue to do research on his profile... (imma not a stalker or what, just fans)
LOL!!!! He and IU form the MILKY Cp!!! i did post about it earlier!!
^________________________^ so down here are tons of images for u all!!
actually i still have a lot.. because i messed up the order so i just simply choose.... but all are nice one.. no worries.. he can be innocent , cute , mature , sexy , hot .... LOL!!! anyway.. enjoy!!

this pct(last pct inspire me to brush my teeth more) ahahahaha....

thx for viewing!!

miss me not~~~~muacks!!
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WELL!!! this post is about something interesting... something i like!!

ok so the first picture is from girl group "Miss A".... Her name is Suzy..
I like her innocent look in the group...
her voice are nice too!!

The pct below is from girl group girls Generation
Her name is YURI!!! OMG is that her!! yeah right!! it is her!!
haha.. i like her when she dance....
Black pearl in the group!!
another <3


Yongseo duet at Niigata

ARGH!!! i had finished watching this 3 hours concert just now evening!! very nice1!! This video here is about YONGSEO duet just now!! i damn like it!!! hope u like it too!!



I took a whole bunch of self cam this morning~~!! too bored so this mean this post will be just this few sentence plus my selfca~~ LOL!!!! <3
anyway morning!!!!
*but here i only upload 3 of them* hahahaah


Withou You - 2pm (Really obsessive song)

this a nice song~~!! it is not new song but still a nice song!!i watch because of Woo Young!! Enjoy!! <3


IU + Woo Young(2pm) = WooU

OH well HI there~~!!
Today my post will be a very nice post for me...
i really love this post... i mean couple that i like~~!!
okay~ so today post is so obvious that it is written as the title..
yup!! it is the WooU couple.. *clap clap clap*

whats so nice about them??

u may wonder why~~!! right??
so... i am here to tell u~!! *shhhhh*

They are cute in the drama so thats why i like them so much!!
easy answer huh??? but well that's the facts i am loving them..
it is really sweet watching them... cute in a way only they can be~~

if u want to know what i meant, go watch "DREAM HIGH"
u will find out more~~

they are not the main actor but they are also characters that are there to help to make the drama nicer...

check it ouT~~~!!
so here are some of the photos of IU and Woo Young~~

this is Woo Young(from idol group 2pm)^^^^^^^^^

This is IU(real name = Park Ji Eun)^^^^^^^^

AWWWWWWWW~~~~ sweet!!! <3

so thats today post!! thanks for viewing!!

miss me not~~~!!! muacks!!
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HI everyone~~~!! X0
this is the cookies that i made just now... ahahaha~~!!
it is quite big.. 2 times the size of chips more~~!! haha...
my brother say not bad~~!! me myself not yet even try~!!
anyway, this is my first time making cookies without any help from my mum!! haha!!
anyway~~ nice!!
(ps: my mum says very nice the texture is just nice and the taste is nice too)

miss me not~~!! muacks!!
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[Introducing Event (CBT Homepage Open Event)]

[Introducing Event (CBT Homepage Open Event)]
Click here>>( . ) to go to digimon master CBT homepage~~!!
signup too!! it is fun!!

see you all tamers there!!!

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I'm back! I guess?

So~~ here's me!!
i mean the recent me!! i know it has been a long time since my last update about some lame stuff's...
haha.. so the first pct is me and my friend Evelyn.. her blog link can be found somewhere near my blog links there..
the 2nd pct was the pct i took today~~ so ahaha.. ya.. not much thing~~
anyway. i wish u all the best*for no reason*
i am having sem break so i am free.. but due to my modem got sturck by lightning, so i can only internet on some particular time~~
so anyway!! nights and still night!!!
love u all!!

miss me not~~ muacks!!
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