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S♥NELF's: Super Junior Got The First Place For Ipoll

Korea’s largest online polling site, ipoll (, has gained much popularity amongst netizens. Members of the poll site are able to post their own polls and also have various polls to pick their favorite artistes and also to determine the ranking of celebrities in terms of popularity.

The theme of the poll was ‘The Battle of the Fans’, to choose the group who have the highest popularity. This was an extension was last year’s “ The Battle of the fans: Just how much do they love their idols?”. From 12 February 2010 to 21 March 2010, through semi-finals till the finals, the fans of the various artistes went all out for their favorite idols’ rankings on the poll. The results of the poll have been announced, with Super Junior in first place, followed by DBSK and F.T. Island.

The largest controversy for this poll was that last year’s winner SS501 was surprisingly out of the top three. All of the groups on ipoll, no matter how long since their debut, had similar popularity and were all strong competitors. Thus, the winner for the poll could not be predicted.

The winner, Super Junior, was also one of the strongest competitions running for top place last year. Super Junior had fans who were very bonded, no matter whether they were from korea or were international fans. The fan clubs all over the world had friendly relations and because of the teamwork between all the fans and how they participated in the polls actively voting for their favorite group, Super Junior was able to clinch the top place in this poll.

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[Eng Sub] Jessica's Scream

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its a nice video!!! HaHa watch how Jessica scream!!!

SNSD is Jealous of Seohyun

The April 20 episode of KBS Win Win’ was jam-packed with activity! Girl group veteran Ock Joohyun made a guest-appearance on this episode and advised the nine girls of SNSD on many issues, which rose up a lot of attention, while the SNSD girls themselves spoke of their jealous feelings towards Seohyun’s make-believe husband on ‘We Got Married,’ Jung Yonghwa of CNBlue.

Kim Shinyoung, Wooyoung, Taeyeon, Kim Seungwoo, and Choi Hwajung MCed this program, and when Wooyoung asked, “Seohyun recently started her married life with Jung Yonghwa, what do you think of him?” Hyoyeon and Tiffany expressed their feelings of discontent.

Hyoyeon stated, “Whenever [Seohyun] comes back from meeting Jung Yonghwa, she always wakes me up when I’m tired and brags about him [….] It’s not like I can date to my heart’s desire and it [feels as if] she’s trying to make me more tired.” Tiffany added on to Hyoyeon’s lighthearted complaints, and continued, “These days, it seems like Seohyun really is dating.”

Seohyun herself replied to Wooyoung’s question by saying, “I thought it was going to be awkward at first, but we are both very considerate towards each other and our ages seem to match really well, so I like it a lot.”

Poor girls! It really must be painful to watch as their fellow member goes off on dates (even if it’s only fake) when their own contracts prevent them from doing so.

Source: ggam news