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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!



going to buy my new handphone soon..
lols... i am not showing off!! haha
since i have a bloggie , so i would like to share with u all.. ^^v
i am thinking about to get it tonight but have to depends on my mum... ==
and will upload pct and details and my point of opinion about my NEW PHONE!!!!

tada 1st~~!!! hahahahaha...

miss me not... muacks!!
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do u wanna know What happened to me just now???
well imma gonna tell u now.... (once u have start please continue reading)

me and my bro was still on the net(time = 1am+)

okay... youngsters do not sleep so early on saturday and sunday right??

well thats the fact and the truth for youngsters of the 21st century...

but annoying old people is our most worst enemies!!!
u know who i am talking about now right?












yup!! you are right!! it is about my grandma!! (cause i am sleep , i am going to make it short and clear)

we were on net then suddenly she bang into our room nagging loudly!! WTF~~~~~~~~~~~~
then my bro started to lose control(all because of her)
he bang on the wall till bleeding cause he dont want to hit her(my mum taught us not to hot others)
then she kept on nagging till my bro shhut the door.. then once again the door bang open then there she goes again....
she was like a machine non stop repeating the same sentence over and over again~~!! F her...
then the door went shut then open .. shut, open....then finally my mum came out followed by daddy...
chase that wicked witch away... then my bro because of too stress, ran out the door and climb out the gate...

15minutes later....

all went back to normal...

as a conclusion , i think quarreling is the only medicine to make her to go to sleep..

till now(2.58am) she is still sleeping...

k .. end here...

miss me not... muacks
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My 16 days of memory

hi there!! ahem ahem... since i left job few days ago(finish work la) , so heres a brief summary from day 1 to 16(hopefully to be just briefing) ==...

okay, before i went for this job(voters search) i did no interview nor anything.
so i was like okay i dont wanna waste time at home doing nothing so i went for it!!

kay so here goes,,..
1st day , we were told that another person will work as a working partner with us so we were quite excited.. so we wait!! then suddenly he and his relatives appeared...
we were like "is that him or is that she?".. means there are 3 person coming in.. 1 boy boy
, 1 gurl girl and one woman....

then he(yup its a he) came towards and sat there... then miss lee, our head in charge give us briefing about the job.... then after that , we sat down on the other table.. he came and introduce himself!!(wao!!! coool... cause i refuse to talk for every 1st day of my every beginning but he did cause he dare!!)... sweat!!=3= ... wateva!!

then the story goes on like we get to knw each other... My bm sucks so i did not speak much to him...
i nscared that if i speak in english he dont understand what i said cause i used to mumbling ... its hard for people who dont know me to understand what i am trying to tell if i speak in english!!
(sorry GLYNN!!!not that i dont wanna speak or talk to you , but that is the truth why i kep
t quiet)... hahax..

so thats the story everyday... okay i add on something..
we change phone calls when he picked up someone that called in using chinese...
we too change customers.... lols~~!!!
lots of things la..

i know another person too... a girl!!
GABRIELLA... a good friend i can say!!

and i found out that all of them start's with a letter "G" in their name.... Coool huh???

okay so here are two pct i took with first pct d boy boy inside is GLYNN...
2nd pct the girl girl in the middle is GABRIELLA...

so... he is going back on the 24th this month so MAY GOD BLESS HIM in his studies...
And to her too since that she is looking foward to studies..
IF got CHANCE , hope we meet in future..
(ps : with my hair grown back)... ^^v

ya!! hopefully someone.. yup.. someday~~!!! TAKE care guys..

will upload more photos + videos soon...!!!

miss me not... muacks
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TADA~~~ * Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon*

well well... we had just took pct with Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon~~!!!
yeah~~!!! feel so proud!! lols~~

(from left to right)
Glynn dexter , ME(romulus liao) , Dr. Koh Tsu Koon , BoboKho geok siew , jean ong jing yi
seems like i long time did not update my blog ady!! so i make a n update with this post!!
not bad right???? ^^v

peace~~!! bye~~ post more soon..

miss me not!!... muacks

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WAH!!! news here o!!

lookie who's in the photos~~

KNOW HER???? ahem ahem.. she's the one i post who's eating the corn that spilled on the table!! remember???

haha.. see that 3 big Chinese words?? know what that mean?? the meaning is "too busy"/...

so that means she is damn freaking busy!! on the phone~~ (who knows who she is talking to)

btw , i am so small in the photos so dont need to look at me.. hha//.. and well she is the topic today~!! ummumm...

i will try to look for the ori post , so stay tune~~

miss me not...muacks!!

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well aloha~~!! so here is the japanese teaser for snsd run devil run!!
i had been waiting for so long!! hahaaha... anyway , enjoy the teaser!!
snsd hwaiting!!!

miss me not... muacks!!

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wahahahahaha.... today damn busy~!! sort out lots of thing(form from civilian)..
those things are for election!!!!!

0.0 .. haha.. 400+ ar~~!! (*damn alot leh*??)

8 more days then i will be off from job counting down from today... ^^vpeace!!

i want to buy things from internet but because of my work i have no time to go bankin my money~~!! FML~~~

GOT IT?? really fml la~~~ ... wan buiy things also need ait time to go bankin!!

T.T cry no tears... wahahaha.. uhuhuhuhu....

anyway , will wait after 16th april .. hopefully will still have stock!! haha!!

kk... stop here 1st!! HOPEFULLY GOT TIME TO update and time to buy my things!! wahahaha...

miss me not... muacks!!

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I present to u ... WONDER TEENS

because of getting too bored , i did this!!


if u remember , then u should know i am one of them...

Now we are the wonder teens.. as we are entering college life ady!!

we are growing up day by day!!

although we aren't famous , but i hope we still maintain this group in order to keep in touch!!

kk... i stop here.. haha!! ....


owh hi aloha!!! teehee~~~

A very good morning to you all!!

I woke up late for work today~~!! (FML)

anyway the weather today is not that bad!!

guess what??? today is election day for MALAYSIA!!

As i was working in one of them , so i think it will be busy later on~~ =3=

checking things and typing plus answering the phone!!

till nighttime.. lols...

actually i fell better today!! cause i ate medicine ady!! haha.. *yay!!! congratulations*

FML cause still 10days to go (PS : but the salary quite high o!)

because of that i took this job~~ =3=

after this job i think i will go for another job at the bookshop or what la!!

=3= ... kk. i'll update my blog later.. now prepare to start working now!!

miss me not...muacks!!

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REcently my life really sucks...

so i had been searching and surfing the web when i came to this website..

walao!! i tell u .. some of them damn funny!! haha..


same goes with me!!

another example is this

really kanasai!! haha... so heres the link to this website
really.. just go and have a look at it!!

if ur life's really going to make u say FML , y dont share it out there with more ppl FTL...
XD ...

miss me not... muacks!

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