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Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


I'm back! I guess?

So~~ here's me!!
i mean the recent me!! i know it has been a long time since my last update about some lame stuff's...
haha.. so the first pct is me and my friend Evelyn.. her blog link can be found somewhere near my blog links there..
the 2nd pct was the pct i took today~~ so ahaha.. ya.. not much thing~~
anyway. i wish u all the best*for no reason*
i am having sem break so i am free.. but due to my modem got sturck by lightning, so i can only internet on some particular time~~
so anyway!! nights and still night!!!
love u all!!

miss me not~~ muacks!!
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