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Recipe for "Fried Spaghetti"

here are the recipe..


garlic , butter , milk(any milk will do)

carrot ham cheese powder

capsicum , spaghetti noodles , onion

remember to do these....


cut a cube of butter and melt it in a pan(melt in low temp)

add in the chop onion

add in the garlic and continue to fry it with the onion

audio can be muted because there are no explanation to the steps(steps will be written below the video)

1. boil some water till it boils then add in the pasta, cook for 7 min
2. drain the cook pasta and set it aside.
3. heat up a sauce pan in medium heat, then put in some butter to melt.
4. stir fried the onion n garlic with butter till it's fragrance.
5. add in the slice carrot n follow by the ham .
6. cook the ingredients till fragrance n add in the cook pasta.
7. add in some salt, white pepper,black pepper, parsley n chicken stock
to taste , add in some milk n stir fried till half of the milk is absorb by the pasta(收)
8. garnish(e.g. cheese powder , capsicum , parsley ...) before serving.

enjoy your pasta..
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