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IU + Woo Young(2pm) = WooU

OH well HI there~~!!
Today my post will be a very nice post for me...
i really love this post... i mean couple that i like~~!!
okay~ so today post is so obvious that it is written as the title..
yup!! it is the WooU couple.. *clap clap clap*

whats so nice about them??

u may wonder why~~!! right??
so... i am here to tell u~!! *shhhhh*

They are cute in the drama so thats why i like them so much!!
easy answer huh??? but well that's the facts i am loving them..
it is really sweet watching them... cute in a way only they can be~~

if u want to know what i meant, go watch "DREAM HIGH"
u will find out more~~

they are not the main actor but they are also characters that are there to help to make the drama nicer...

check it ouT~~~!!
so here are some of the photos of IU and Woo Young~~

this is Woo Young(from idol group 2pm)^^^^^^^^^

This is IU(real name = Park Ji Eun)^^^^^^^^

AWWWWWWWW~~~~ sweet!!! <3

so thats today post!! thanks for viewing!!

miss me not~~~!!! muacks!!
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