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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


1 month... 2 month.... 3 month... 1 day 24 hours...1 month 30 days....

1st of all, one big news is tat i kena NS that is PLKN... PLKN = military training...
its 3 months!!!!!!!!!! wat 3 months?!!!!! your're rite!! its 3 months!!
im so nervous abt tat... well.. cant do anything... i had check it for a few times hoping for a maaf... bt it just keep on giving me the same word... TANIAH!! haiz.....
I dont knw wat to feel nw... happy for being pick? sad coz been pick?? its juz rediculous gor picking ME!!
HELLO!!! im the one do nt want to go for tat!! can u hear and see?(probably u cant) y? tats because my blog's never going to get any visitor like you!! maybe you did visit bt i dont knw...
anyway, 3 months for me is like going for a marathon!! long and slow!! ARGH(holding my fist as i scream)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha... feeling better nw!! it is nw few months left before i go for tat!!
To PLKN..... The road of hell lies ahead... enter and suffer!! is tat really tat suffering?
or is it only me feeling tat way? haiz nvm... i wont bother too much!!
my hair is gonna say goodbye to me as i m entering this PLKN soon...
1 month... 2 month.... 3 month... 1 day 24 hours...1 month 30 days....
getting headache and more nervous when think of it!!
is really PLKN tat helpful? tell me pls... pls pls pls... anyone of u can explain tat to me?
although i knew it myself bt pls juz tell me tat it is usefull and need not be scare abt it!!
im not lost bt i made myself going lost bt i cant be lost because i cant made myself juz lost in somewhere more to say in this PLKN thing... i rather lost in sejarah rather than tat!!
okay!! those who going for PLKN, tell me wat u feel and wat do u think of it!!
thx!!............!! (speechleess)....==
im done here... will post some other NEWS when i have time!! BYEBYEyo!!


My b'day present.!!

from flor(bracelet)handmade

disc frm carissa

thank you my fren!!


updated for comeback>.!!!!

annyeong haha... im back!!

i let my blog die for quite a long time le!!
nw im back to clean the spider web!!
*clean clean clean*

for my comeback, i will post lots of k-pop thinfs!! hehe... my personal journal will be posted here as well!!

well as you knw that this year is the year for my spm!! so i can only on my comp on fri , sat and sun!

well.... my kpop is cnblue , snsd ,ss501 , sj and ... lots of them attracts my attention...

recently im crazy abt the "yongseo couple" n we got married!!

its nice... hmmm...

for my hits of kpop that i use to listen to nw is
run devil run - snsd , love - cnblue , love ya - ss501 , my all is in you , shake it up - sj .............. hah!!

becz of easy remember lyrics, like "you better run run run run run" and "love love love , everybody clap clap clap" and "baby let me love ya love ya love ya" ....

tats y i love it!! and the dances in the mv i like it too... ^^v

anyway.. this comeback update is for real!! haha... kpop time!!

CN Blue - Bluelove album

i love this one... so sat ar!!!