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Shopping before Christmas

Hi there Readers!

I'm here doing more updates!
*I found out that most updates I did recently was around 12am ~ 2am++ * Lolol

So anyway, because of Christmas is near, real near,
So I went to hunt for things every night.
My mum's bringing me there cox she hunting for X'mas present.
I told her Don't need mafan give me anything, just gimme money$$ instead~
save time, save energy. why not right? lolol

Just nao before we started our shopping we had this wonderful dinner which costs RM49.20
I did took 2 photos of the food we ate.
Actually there are like 2 dishes, but I only took one.
*I was busy eating, and I forgot to take photos of the other one.. Wad Defug*

1st thing 1st. I know My camera sucks and the lighting there make it worst!

so here it is.
This is the Chicken dishes. *I forgot the name*

This is obvious right?
Strawberry milk pearl tea..

Then after that, I want to go to the Loo. 
So, There is this new loo*toilet* on the far opposite side. 
So, me and my mum went there, but before entering, there is this banner/poster that wrote:
Premier Toilet
RM2 per entry
Free for infants

WTF!! I was like dragging my mum away after reading that.
Then my mum had no clue why I dragged her away.
*cox she didn't read the info*

I was like walking quite sometime to the very far end loo. FML.

There was this carol group and a santa in PARKSON.
The carol sound damn small and the Santa damn loud till the carol was like nothing.

Ok so to the shopping part.

As you all know The kiasu me Had already started my New Year To Buy List since Don't know when.
S, today I Filled in some more stuff.
Here I am going to show you two of my Shopping items today~
both are accessories.

The rings super cheap.
1 for RM6
2 for RM10
*I got 2 rings, its cheap. why not right?*
This is one of the ring.
I like the simple yet elegant design.

The one below is bracelet for man. Actually unisex.
1 for RM2
so I bought 3.
This is one of it.
I like stars a lot so I'm showing you the stars one.
*even my blog called star city what*
but wheres the star,find it yourself

presents for my cousins~~~

Mine still haven't buy yet~~
so I'm asking for MONEY!!

LAst But not least,
My selca..
I saw a lot of model photos uses nice effect, so I'm giving it a try~~
And the pose I got it from some Korean male model~~
I freaking love this one!! 
I even started to label my photos with my name and blog add. WTF!!

so this ends my crappy blog post.
Stay Tune!!

Miss Me Not!