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New Topic Today ^^v = Aaron Yan


okok!!! today's topic will be~~~

His name is Aaron Yan... a member of Fahrenheit...
so here's a brief profile of him..

Name: 炎亞綸 / Yan Ya Lun
English Name : Aaron Yan / Arron Yan
Real name : 吳庚霖 / Wu Geng Lin
Profession :Singer & actor
B.o.d : 1986-Nov-20
Birth place : Taiwan
Height : 177cm
weight : 60kg
blood type : O
Star sign : Scorpio

his bog address = click here

He is a member of Fahrenheit as i said...
But nw he came up with a solo album (The next Me) ... i like the songs inside.... the songs are in chinese...


Aaron Yan was born on November 20, 1986 and is currently the youngest member of the popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit. At a young age, his family moved to New York, USA, where he stayed for his primary education for about five years. He then moved back to Taiwan for secondary education. He can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Hokkien, limited Japanese, and Cantonese.

Aaron was the second member to join Fahrenheit. He is the tenor vocalist of the group. His publicized temperature is that of cold Winter, at 41 degrees. He also represents "Charming."

Aaron Yan TV Shows

Death Girl as Shen Qi (2010)
Love Buffet as Xing Yi Cheng (2010)
K.O.3an Guo as Ding Xiao Yu / Jiu Wu (voice only) (FTV / GTV, 2009)
Mysterious Incredible Terminator as Zhan Shi De (FTV / GTV, 2008)
They Kiss Again as Ah Bu (CTV, 2007)
The X-Family as Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu / Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2007)
KO One as Ding Xiao Yu (GTV, 2005)
It Started With A Kiss as Ah Bu (CTV, 2005)
An Shi Ai Mei Hui (AzioTV, 2004)

cover of his solo album.....

Heres the link to his song(credits to IHONEYJOO)
click here to go to the webpage to download.

Album info:

Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2011.03.25

01. 下一個我
02. 只看見你
03. 一觸即發
04. 最後一眼
05. 忽然之間
06. The Truth That You Leave

So here is some photos of him..
and the link here is the fan page of him in facebook(fan page in chinese), for those who dont understand chinese, can just enter to view the pictures inside.

please click here.

Quite cute huh?
lols... actually he s one of my idol .. hahax
since that he's solo album is out ady..
so i just want to introduce them to u if u do not knw!!

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G.NA debut stage

All the best to her nw...
this is a debut video of hers....

there is problem with her mic in the 1st song..
She was a dancer for Hyuna , after school ,secret , 2pm .... before she debut

its been a long time i did not even update about korean stuff .. haha