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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


Hey! Hi! Hello!

Dear readers,

It has been such a long long time since i last blogged. My last blogpost was like august 2014.. well hello almost a year yo. How are you all? I bet half of the peeps are like gone.. anyways, i'm here to update anything that comes to my mind at this moment. A brief updates on what had happened and yada yada .....

Okay first thing first, i've been in West Malaysia for almost a year. What was my first intention again? Oh yeah silly me.. i was here to study. Nope i am just acting stupid. Doesnt most bloggers do this? You tell me... okay back to the point. There had been upssss and downsss throughout this year. I've made friends here and there.. met some stranger and then became facebook friends, instsgram friends and so much more. People are crossing my path. Some stop, and lend me a hand. Some just crossed path and walk away. I don't really initiates move but when i do it is too late. I barely even hardly trust people but when i do you are like really important to me. What i wanted to say is that if you try once in approaching me and you really wanted to be my friend, bug me with good intention. I will like it. I just have this attention seeking side sitting inside of me in the corners of me, wanting to be notice but i'm just scared. Some people are just naturally good at socialising but uh-uh, im not. I'm like the awkward starfish sticking out of water. Lolol. "Take a chance" ...

Following up would be..... be.... erm. Wait. Let me think. I really have nothing in mind right now while typing this sentence..
Oh yeah.. i went to a mall in town called "Berjaya Times Square" for ONLY the 3rd time since I first step into West Malaysia. Beat that.. the feeling i got this time during the trip was fun since i'm actually going with people who will shop with me and not people who are just there and not following the game. My game would be shopping and talk and just have fun. Yeap yeap my kind of game... nah.. most people would just ignore me, seriously. I like the feeling of travelling with friends using public transports. It is fun and more eco friendly as we are using car pooling technique and rdducing carbon footprint. What am i even saying but you cannot deny it because it is true. Ok moveing onnnn...

Okay so i am going for internship AGAIN. Yes again... but this time is better since i'm doing it here and not Singapore. So let me talk about the differences of having internship locally and internationally.

600 hours local  v 6 months international

I am only required to complete a 600 hours internship in hotel compared to what i had 2 years back, a 6 months internship in Singapore alone. This time, it would be a hell lot easier as i will only work 8 hours a day and not 18 hours a day.  So i will have to work for around 4 months only. Yes.. only.

Somemore halfway through the internship i am going to fly to Australia for 10 days. No replacement needed for the trip yo since it is labeled as school trip. I'll update on the details of trip soon. So far what i known is that the trip was set to be on 10th october 2015....  so stay tune.

I still have lots more to say and type down... but i'm hungry.. so imma gonna stop here and continue tomorrow,... no wait. I think i will do it later on and post tomorrow.

For those who followed my instagram, thank you very much .. i know it is slike sooo late but still thank you.
And to those who added me and followed me on facebook. Thank you too.
And those on twitter... thanks too...

Signing off now.. ♡♥♡♥♡♥

Xoxo miss me not..