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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!



HI HI!! Yeah it is me again~!

this post should have continue on previous post.
but i don't know why i stop there and posted up so early.
So here are the continue story.

I went to KENNY ROGERS yesterday and I got cheated.
The menu stated one ice lemon tea is RM1.90.
But when I paid my bill, 1 ice lemon tea costs me RM5.50!!
*simply put in BOH tea powder + 2 slices of lemon*
And below are the pictures.
*My camera sucks so don't complain*

OK!! so facebook had just changed it profile layout to timeline!
I freaking love it!!
You can see your own history of post.
when you joined facebook , whose your first friend.. etc.
So here below are like my timeline.
owh owh and yeah!! You can manage your own cover!!
Mine was SNSD album. which I took it myself.

so it ends here!
Stay tune!!!!

Girls Generation "THE BOYS"

Hi readers!!
Here's some good stuff Imma gonna show today.
Just yesterday, 15/12/2011, I received my parcel from EBAY.
I bought Girls Generation "THE BOYS" album.
Actually this is quite cheap.
With all the goodies and stuffs inside the album.
So here I'm going to un-box it to let you have a review.
I know its kinda late for a blog post like this.
It should have been done earlier but then I just received it yesterday. Don't blame me, blame the pos office.

The album contains:
1 random member photo card with printed sign and messages behind.
10 member album concept card
2 extremely huge posters
1 CD

Size of posters :
group poster = 93.9 X 63.6 cm
Member poster = 63.6 X 46.9cm

So here it is.

Out of nine members, I was hoping that I will get Tiffany but in the end I got SUNNY.
Still i like it but not as much as TIFFANY~~

Here are the 10 concepts photo card~~
This cards are like a bit smaller than normal sizes mouse pad.
There is messages from each member behind evey cards. 
I was super duper lazy to take it.

 Soo young , yuri

Tiffany , Seo hyun

Tae yeon

Hyo yeon

Jessica , YoonA


so below are the lyrics and poster.
For the lyrics, there is a symbol above every song title.
There are nine in total.
each symbol represents each members.
Then below the lyrics is the tin casing with the CD.
Then finally the card holder and the posters.~~

*i even opened up the poster with the help of my leg.. wtf!*

I was really lucky enough to get TIFFANY poster~~~ ( XD )


I wanted to show you all my PET SOCIETY rooms... Just the living room... (actually is show off)
I spent like 100k++ for the room.. ya only this room..
I changed the room for every occasion.
See all the fairies, I was so lucky to get all of them from the egg thingy.
1 egg for 1000.
4eggs for 4000, free one egg. so total is 5 egg.
10 eggs for 10000, free 3 eggs, so total is 13 eggs...
The worst thing of playing the egg games is that you don't know what will you get. You might even get the same thing over and over again. But my luck was good lar~~

BUT i got it all in like 8days?
the last 3 fairies i got it in one go..
HOW lucky!!

So My post ends here!!
Stay tune and i apologize for all the ads link I had posted.
*please click*<~~~ LOL
MISS ME NOT~~~!!!! Muacks!!