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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!



While i was thinking of something to post, this thing came to my mind..
It was about my grandma...
one grandma from my father's side and another from my mother's side...
i dislike the one which is my father's side..
i was staying with her now..
Why?this is because my father is a MAlaysian and my mum's a singaporean...
IT is a sad thing for my mum to be married here...
She have no freedom , and one thing my grandma dislike my mum...
she kept on saying bad things about m mum!!
How ridiculous to live with a bad and stinky mouth till this old...
not that i don't respect her but she did not even respect us(my family)
for example... this thing happen when i was small..
My cousin hit me then my grandma told my mum not to tell my cousin mum cause his mum dislike people talk bad or report bad things about his son... and my grandma asked my mum to act as nothing happened,.....
this too happened when i was small.....

My grandma bought a bread...
at 1st i saw it then i went to take wanting to eat...
guess what my grandma did???
She snatched the bread and told me that it is meant for my cousin...

Here will tell you why my grandma did that to us... even till today...

1. my cousin side is rich
-She only knows money and money... she worship money i think!!

2. we(my family) are not rich
-cause we live in her property and she thinks we cant afford to feed ourselves...

You know? even today , when my cousin's family come for dinner, she serve them like King , Queen and princes and make herself like a maid!! and the most terrible thing is that she told them to eat as much as they want for no more people is going to eat... but the truth is that me and my family have not even eat..... when the time we eat, she was like not around and doesn't care at all....

I hate her , I hate her!!!!!

She act Holy every time...
what i mean is that she can say prayer for the half day then after that she can like say bad about people behind u.. and make up stories to dirty your name...
What's your guys opinion?
no point for her to say that much prayer right???

This incident that i am about to tell u now happened last year~!!
I was in tuition wanting to go home just to wait the clock to strike 9.30pm...
but when i waited outside, my mum's not here yet..
then suddenly my cousin's mum came picked me up.. my mum was inside..
GUESS what happened to my mum???
She had a car accident!! Her car fell into a drain...
but when we got home, my mum told my dad my grandma heard that..
Guess what is the first thing she said?
Grandma : Good!! Now you need money to repair your car!! How's the car?

she did not even asked about how's my mum, got get hurt or not?.... she did not care much!!after she said those , she went back straight into her room/....
ONly my 3d aunty carre about my mum 1st..

MUM : I had an accident just now. my car dropped into a big drain.
3rd Aunt : You ok or not? got get hurt or not?

see.... the differences..

talk about differences , my terrible horrible grandma treat my 3rd aunt(her daughter) like nothing..
She like to scold her and say many things about her...
I don't know why but i really pity my 3rd aunt,..

She is the same with my mum..
no right to speak and do things in this house!!

she like to compare too...
She likes to rule everything...
she dislike us( i know because i miss heard it when she talked to her friend on the phone)
she never admit the thing she did or said before...
money face
lots more~~~~!!!!

I hate them and my life in this house!!
haiz~~~ hope you guys enjoy your life~~!!


HI everyone~~!!! Morning!!
I was at Mc Donald this morning , but guess what?
there is wifi in mcd right?but when i was there, the staff's there dont even know the password!!!
I was like OMG!! how can they dont know??!!

well ,,,,.... lols...
and before that, i just bought one spec!! hahaha.. the one in the pct!!
i look like a nerd right??
but i like to be that way!!
by using the image of a nerd, i can act like so innocent!!

^^v Peace v^^

I am waiting for my hair to grow so i will start to buy things that can be use after my hair is fully grown till the length i want!!

then that time i will have everything ready for my fashion shopping show!!
ahahahahaha... am i crazy? of cause not!

KK.... stop here 1st!!! will post more thing when i think of something~~ ya. something~~!!

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