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The prom15e to 13elieve
By: kangakyu
Feb 21, 2010

Every elf likes this line: I will always 13elieve in the prom15e.

Have you ever thought what that promise is? It’s the promise that Leeteuk let go of during a concert or a showcase in the past years. Leeteuk said that they will keep on performing and make every ELF happy until blue balloons cover up the whole universe—but he let go of another statement during Marry U in Super Show in Korea. He said that they would never stop performing even if pearl sapphire blue balloons covered the whole universe.

And this line too: If one day, the world betrays Super Junior, ELFs will betray the whole world too. Those were the words that Cho Kyuhyun, the magnae (meaning the youngest) of the group said after 3jib.

But words couldn’t really explain what ELF and Super Junior’s relationship is. So ELF also made this spectacular math equation which only ELF and Super Junior would understand.

SUPER JUNIOR + 2 (Zhoumi and Henry) + ELF = ONE.

Yes. One.

I will not tell you the history of ONE since it may only cause to bring up the issue between SONES (SNSD fans) and ELF (Super Junior fans) again.

As you can see, one isn’t only a number to us ELFs. It is something that unites people together— something that would make every single person in this world cooperate.

There are many ELFs that believe in Super Junior. We keep on supporting them with our whole hearts. Me, this is the first time I’ve been so into a group. And it’s amazing how Super Junior influenced me to practice my singing and dancing—and hopefully, I’m getting better. :)

Super Junior made me a better person.

I hope you too. :D


we got married... this part funny

Heo Young Saeng - "Gee" Dance Performance @ SS501 HK 1st Fan Meeting 20090701

snsd sorry sorry & suju gee