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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


updated for comeback>.!!!!

annyeong haha... im back!!

i let my blog die for quite a long time le!!
nw im back to clean the spider web!!
*clean clean clean*

for my comeback, i will post lots of k-pop thinfs!! hehe... my personal journal will be posted here as well!!

well as you knw that this year is the year for my spm!! so i can only on my comp on fri , sat and sun!

well.... my kpop is cnblue , snsd ,ss501 , sj and ... lots of them attracts my attention...

recently im crazy abt the "yongseo couple" n we got married!!

its nice... hmmm...

for my hits of kpop that i use to listen to nw is
run devil run - snsd , love - cnblue , love ya - ss501 , my all is in you , shake it up - sj .............. hah!!

becz of easy remember lyrics, like "you better run run run run run" and "love love love , everybody clap clap clap" and "baby let me love ya love ya love ya" ....

tats y i love it!! and the dances in the mv i like it too... ^^v

anyway.. this comeback update is for real!! haha... kpop time!!

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