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Random thx + Yongseo intro?/feeling

Hi!! to all readers...
since that i have that live traffic thingy, i know who just view my blog(withot names)
haha.. i want to thank you for spending time visiting!!
my blog it is not nicey done(i knew it ~~ lol)
haha... add me in facebook if u wan after visiting mine blog..
state that u just visited my blog in the description box when adding me...
i'm not forcing you guys!! XP ... it is up to u!!!

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K k K!!!

today's topic = my fav korea cp....

my favourite korean couple is "yongseo cp"
they are from the program "we got married"...
ahaha...but too sad, they are ending soon...
last ep coming up next week...
so sad when i heard the news in facebook....
but i always do hope and wish them the very best...

just in case you dont know who are they , i have added some pictures of them and link(fans page in facebook) of them below.. and also the link to view their wedding picture

link for yongseo couple in facebook = YongHwa ♥ SeoHyun (links click here)
if the link are not woking , just type the name to search

link for wedding picture.... click here!!

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thx for visiting!

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