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During Camp (memories)

CAMP ~~~~~ MEmories~~~~~~ FUN~~~~~ PICT~~~~

so before any post, i would like to show some pictures...
originally i wanted to show this bunch of pictures after my post one.. but then i lazy move them so i post this first lo...
ok so this is a moving 10 shots pict... this is the last moment of the camp where lots off people going back ady. left us... so we took... at first it goes well.. but the as u scroll down, u know what happen~~!RUIN!!!!!! but nevermind la.. memories.... ok so after the shots, my post is just below~~!!! please dont close the tab before finished~~!! ahahhaaha...

hi.. ok 1st i m sorry for that i did not do as i promise earlier!
well ... this post cant only be posting about sorryness... so
what should i post today???? erm.. about my college!!
ya.. ok so my college where i spent most of my time now is :INTI COLLEGE SARAWAK CAMPUS"
it is a nice college.. i got to see different races of people.
last weekend, i had joined this INTI camp..
it was a nice camp although at first i dont feel like going la.
at first i was like "walao eh camp again ar!!"
it was because they did not inform us earlier and they told us in the last minute. And they make
it compulsory la/
talking of compulsory, it was only compulsory in the ways of speaking.....
during that day, not much people turned up.. only 40 i think.. if i am not wrong la.
we played games and every time after games, we had have to write out what we have learnt.
actually it was not that bad because i had learnt a lot of stuff from there...
okok... so here are some of the pictures during camp.. just some... why? cause i lazy take photos...

ok so heres the pict...
before going to the pict, please just finish reading my post la.. please la~~!!
ohohoho... ahaha... so what i am going to say is that we had learnt a lot of stuff
(why u keep repeating)... lols~~!! i know u will probably skip this part!!
we stayed in the hotel during the camp and one of my friend from the hostel said this to me...
Friend : the toilet of the hostel is kinda haunted.
Me : why do u say so? ha?
Friend : well there is this thing in the toilet peeking on people , and every time i brush my teeth, he's there peeking at the corner or in the toilet rooms.

after hearing this, i was like "walao!! bullshyt u tell me this kind of things!!!" i was so damn scared la(u dont feel scared meah if u know this)?????

so when we were in the room, i am the first to sleep(cause i scare ma) , and my damn friend took the picture when i am asleep..
walao damn ar.. thay even post to facebook(u also post to blog ma).. yala cause thay post to facebook ady!!! and they say this is cute!! hoi!! this is how i sleep la...

and when in the middle of the night, i suddenly woke up and i was scared....
then when i turned to my left, i saw legs!!!! i was shocked but i cant screamed.... but then i found out it was my friends legs~~~ KNS!!!!

then the 2nd day we played and sharing(obviously i did not share la) .. i am scared oso..
what to do.. i am scared of almost everything~~~!! then we got home.. i slept directly~~!! when i touched my bed.... hehe~~!! thats all....

views of some parts of the building in INTI....

what we eat.. walo eh ... overload...... thanks to my lousy cam and this is what i got here..

our activity place...

my friend.. one of them.... showing off his funny photo taking SKILLS~~~

what we wrote... They call it the "REAL TIME THINGY"... i dont know why!!

mst fun thing... water bom!!! we were all wet after that...


building the straw tower....

ok thats all for today~~!! bye bye!!

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miss me not~~~~!!! aahahahaha.. muacks!!!!!!

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