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Blog Post Comeback

SO yeah HI!! I'm back!!
OWH YEAH! I KEPT MY PROMISES~~ *time to celebrate* WOW!

I'm in my semester break nao. :3 I hate to admit this but it is some kind of "boring"??
Except the part that you can wake up naturally and spend shyt lots of time in front of the computer doing basically nothing...

So I stepped out of my house 2 days ago for my 1st shopping after finals...
(OOTD that day)
(I blurred out the background BECAUSE it was messy, yes it was... now it is CLEAN AND TIDY)

And for your information, I have list down what to buy for my NEW YEAR collection series..
<.< seems like a big project.. duhhhhh
BTW, yeah as i said I list down the concepts for my outfits.. 
Then I was like I CANT WAIT TO GET THEM!!! o_o
So basically this time I go for more colors~ yeah basically colors colors everywhere!! <3 p="p">
owh wait Christmas haven't over yet.. WTeffffffffffff....
*just stay tune*

Did Someone ever told you that someone looks like an artist you LOVE?? YES LOVE NOT ADMIRE OR LIKE....
Well yeah, recently This person, which is FLOR!! My fwen... told me that someone looks like LUHAN! At first I was like How can it be.. mehhh.. then When I first met HIM, I was like awestruck~ WTF!! so alike.. of course from some angle and parts of face... 75% alike.. I won't rate too high if not later if someone found out who he is then I'm deadmeat... GONNA GET KILL BY FANS!

so I'm going to upload some picture of LUHAN and not that person.. for the sake of privacy and it's against the law if I post it without the intention from the parties. An agreement made without the intention from the contractory parties are void.
(This is EXO-M Luhan)
(aww!! look how cute he is)

I can't find all of the and upload here because the album for EXO is like freaking large and contains a lot of pictures.... I'll take some time to sort it out and post it in the next updates
BUT then my hand very itchy, feel like hyperlink his profile here... =.=
NONONO~~ i won't hahaha.. yeah.. I won't???
So because EXO s coming back, I might as well repost this from my weibo and facebook album.
EXO MAMA album for EXO-K and EXO-M.

White = EXO-K
Black = EXO-M

Here's the link to My unboxing album in Facebook.
I have no idea what happens to blogger but when i upoad my pics, it became retarded... ==


So yeah, I'll just end my post here!
See you guys few days later or maybe sooooooon!!


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