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my nightmare!! its almost here!! its gonna come true!!
OMG!!! what am i gonna do!!!

*ill explain about my nightmare after i get through it*


this sucks cause it had jut ruin my mood!!!

anyway im here to show u some fairy tail stuff!!! ahahahha
In fairy tail there is this thing called the celestial spirits.... they are being summoned through keys~~
STELLAR MAGES uses these keys to summons them.. without them stellar mages can only fight with weapons and not magic~~ well these are some of the keys that are used by the main character in the anime~~ LUCY~~ she uses them to fights in missions~~ so here i will describe a bit about these keys that 
which keys opens which door~~

this is LUCY........
Lucy has brown eyes and blond hair that is usually tied by ribbons of a variety of colors in a singular bunch to the right side of her head. She has large breasts, and a curvaceous body. Her (presumed) measurements are Bust: 91 cm; Waist: 59 cm; Hip: 88 cm (37in, 23in, 36in).These measurements are approximated slightly different later on with the breasts being 2 less, and the others 1 less cm. Lucy's member stamp is located on the back of her right hand and is pink. Lucy does not consistently wear the same outfit. However, she always has a belt that, along with keeping her skirt up, holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a love heart-shaped end. She also wears some sort of high heels. She has a striking resemblence to her mother.

so the key above is the key to the zodiac AQUARIUS!!
(Gate of the water bearer! I open thee! AQUARIUS)
she's a mermaid with a jug in her hand.. and sh's is hot tempered!!
she will sweep LUCY and her opponent together every time Lucy summons her~~ 

The key above here belongs ARIES from the zodiac~ 
(Gate of the Ram! I open thee! ARIES)
She's a pink headed girl with a two ram horn. She wore cotton look cloth and cotton look boots.
She keeps on saying "sorry"....

The key above is the key to the gate of CANCER. also one of the zodiac.
(Gate of the crab! I open thee! CANCER)
He is a human with crab hairstyle. Crab legs grew out from his back and he held scissors in his hands.
He ends every sentences with the word "ebi".

The silver key above is to summon CRUX the north star.
He have a body like human but with a great big silver cross head
he is use to find out things on spirits themselves and within the spirits world. 

The key above is to summons the zodiac GEMINI.
(Gate of the twins! I open thee! GEMINI)
they are two little aliens floating in the air~~
they can transform into any ppl with fully copying their appearance, thoughts, power and everything.

The key above is to summons Holorigium. 
A grandfather clock with a pair of black hands and a head and black legs~
Lucy often uses him as transport or hiding place~~
usually when  they are on a mission on icy place or snowy place.. she hides in him..

The Key above is to summons the strongest Zodiac.. The LEO
(Gate of the Lion! I open thee! LEO)
He is the strongest spirits.
His name was Leo aka LOKI~
He was a fairy tail member when lucy first met him...
But as time goes by he was a stellar spirits who breaks the rule and was dying for cannot return to the spirits world.
He was saved by LUCy and then became her spirits,... he was a playboy~
His magic is REGULUS~~

The key above is to summons LYRA.
A lady with a big harp that sings.
Her song can touched ones heart and affect emotion.
she cant battle. but can entertain people.

The silver key above is to summons NICOLA aka PLUEE
(open the gate of the canis minor! NICOLA)
he is a dog. He is white , shacky , and a noce that looks like carrot.
A dog that dont bark but keeps mentioning pluee and pluun...
Lucy threat her as her pet~~ and she love him a lot.
He cant touched hot water~~

The golden key above is to summons the zodiac SAGITTARIUS.
(Gate of the horse! I open thee! SAGITTARIUS)
He is a human with a cosplay costume of a horse~~
He held a bow and arrows at his back~~
He mention the word "moshi-moshi" at every end of the sentence. And he kept saluting the opposite position from the people he is talking to.

The key above is to summons SCORPIO. another zodiac spirits.
(Gate of the scorpion! I open thee! SCORPIO)
He is a man with a gigantic metal tail that shoots bullets.
His hair is red at one side and white at the other side.
He is AQUARIUS boyfriend.
He is loyal to Lucy unlike AQUARIUS.

The key above is to summons the zodiac TAURUS.
(Gate of the bull! I open thee! TAURUS)
He is a bull with white body black spot. Walk using two legs.
Held an big two sided axe.
He is a pervert. Crazy over his master, LUCY, body.
But he is strong...

The key above is to summons the zodiac VIRGO.
(Gate of the maid! I open thee! VIRGO)
She is a girl with pink hair in a maid costume.
Her ability is to dig underground.
She can also form rock tomb using her magic.
She called LOKI her brother and will replace him if was on his date.
She address LUCY her master Princess!

So here is my post for today~~ will show u guys the exact pct for all the zodiacs after i really collected enough info... i mean their pct~~ i wrote all of the info above by myself after i watched FAIRY TAIL~~

Fairy tail will air an new ep every saturday ..... live~~

so stay tune!!

miss me not!! muacks!! <3
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