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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!


I'm back!!

HI readers!! I'm back!!
recently on facebook there is this some people i added~~
and his friend with so awesome look added me!!
I was like WTF!! SO handsome!!!

Looking at myself, I suddenly feel that I am so damn uglier than whatsoever~~

Like ugly duckling maybe? *well in the end ugly duckling still manage to turn out to be pretty*
(i might be as one too, maybe?) hahah..

so i was like so admire by their looks and the urge of going for plastic surgery is getting stronger!!

Since this new era definitely have the trend of going under the knife. So, why not? I mean like I said before I love being fake!! haha.... now that I'm still being original, what i did is just photoshop,wear lenses ....
so here is some picture of me undergone my own virtue knife~!!! ahahah...

HOw is it? *I'm still a beginner to Photoshop anyway.. like i started it few days ago so yeah heres my result of doing my homework on photoshop*

(I'm fake and I like it)
there's this quote i like that WENDY CHENG aka XIA XUE
* XIA XUE : Never ever believe what you see on the net!! NEVER!! *
i damn like~~~

So yeah once again what do you think? Not bad right? I'm so impress about myself for being such talented in being fake.. you know photoshopping skills~~ haha!!


so back to that topic... he looks so adorable too~~ AND YEAH I'm NOT JEALOUS! 

I like his eyes.. like so charming!!! URGH!! I'm so sick!! the more i look the more i am craving for plastic surgery!!

and he is like so handsome , cute in the same way~~ just like OMG!! He's too over!!


Well .. i guess I'll end it here!! Needa go to somewhere else!!
TADAA!!~~ STAY tune for more updates!!!

MISS ME NOT~~ MUACKS!! <3 <3 <3

~ END ~

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