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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!



OWh HI there~~
Just like the Title of the post. It's Holiday..
First of all, HOLIDAYS are all crappy shit without MONEY!!
I spent too much and now I am out of money~
Bought a pair of boots and a bag and Girls Generation "The Boys" album from EBAY and some other online shopping websites. Yeah! and also some accessories that I think it looks good.

It had been pretty boring staying at home without going anywhere 
*I did went to play bowling and celebrated my friends sweet 18*

but that was just 2 days of fun and now i was like stuck at home sitting in front of the computer playing with my keyboard.

OWH WELL!! guess what?? I played this!!!

USELESS fashion~~~ *just a lil part of the clothing cause there is not enough spaces for all*
I am even good enough to donate some of them away...
 *I know my pet is cute*

Second part of the freaking boring Holiday stories is this,,,

I took two pictures of almost the same angle. *Just freaking treat it the same even if it was not*
One with specs*WTF* one without specs.....
^^^^^^WTF!!! why liddat????
*NAH dun care, main focus is my face*

I freaking love this two pictures..
WHY?? This is because I look good!! *SELF praised*
WHAT?? You do like yourself right?

SOme will say WOW Why are you getting fairer??
The answer is that I did some magic on my face. *wink*

The third part is freaking random!!
I made TANG-YUAN~~ some Chinese food...


It is yummy okay?? even if you didn't taste it!!
so it goes like this...
One night, Rom was hungry. 
He went down to his kitchen.
He was shocked when he saw something.
WHAt he saw????
He saw that his cupboard was empty ~~
so he decided to make something to eat.
And he mix this and that. punch here and there.
boil the water add in the ingredient...
WAHLA!!! and tadaaa~~~
TANG-YUAN was made....

~~~THE END~~~

SO here comes my fourth stories ~~
Actually I should be posting this fourth stories 2 days back. But I was too lazy.

As I said, I went to played bowling.
And I'm always in the third place~~

see the picture below so I'll need not explain~~

So here it is~~
I'm third~~
*I know my camera sucks*

So yeah!! this post ends here!!
THANK YOU for reading all!!*said bowing*
will update soon...

Miss me not!!~~ MUACKS!!

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