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I myself think that I'm nice. You don't and never assume you yourself as bad guy right? make sense... I'm friendly. <3 But I'm the shy type. I don't really open up to people I just met if we ever do meet~ Anyway, nice meeting you all!!



HI HI!!! Do you have a Nice day!?
well i had~~!!

I just came back from gathering with my friends.
Nowadays it was hard for me to like get along together with them because of our time schedule are different.
Luckily it was holidays now~
We had fun and we gone crazy~~

I did take some picture just now*not the crazy part of course*
so I'm gonna post it here *the purpose of this post is to show them what*

Here's what i ate just now. Tomato beef salsa.. acceptable la~~ Not bad....

This person here*one of my friend* <~~ obviously!!
EPIC LAUGH scene~~
the link above was his blog~~
*sorry for those who can't read Chinese cause his blog was in Chinese*
*go and have a look, won't kill much of your time*
*remember to visit*



#1 , #2 .. of cause there will be selca~~It is a must have~~~ <3
#2* friend behind photobombing*

* Cant care much to reupload~~~ bare with it!! thx.. *
CHATTING all the way during our gathering~~

*can't care much too*
EPIC faces photo 1

EPIC faces photo 2

*can't care much either.  main point is me and my friend not that background*

me and janet~~

me and my friend Janet~~!!
It is christmas season, i mean coming soon.... so yeah with that super many people taking pictures tree~~

well then after all those chatting,we head over to Mei Wen house*obviously my friend* to play cards...
2. Poker

damn crazy moment..... so funny~~ i laugh until my voice started to like fade~~
if you get what i mean.. i damn lazy wanna explain~~

To view the pictures clearly without any blur or decolourise or cut part.. click on the link below~~
THX <3

Before I end my post~ I'll share with you two selca that I took before doing this post!!
*Took it specially for this post*

YEAH!! and I know I am amazing.. WTF!!!

HOw was it~~ I know I'm good~~~ 


Mainly this post is about sharing so not much info about other stuff~~
And yeah the cafe we gone to was

THE MYST CAFE located at Premier 101....

overall of the cafe was not bad.. only that it is a bit messy and stuffy~~
the best part is they have these board games, poker cards and lots more that you can borrow and play~~
We do get the poker but we did not played it~~ and that sucks~~


anyway, 8/12/2011 was one of my besties birthday~~
SWEET !8~!!! 

Happy birthday to you!!!
*my song dedicated to her...WTF*

anyway all the best and good luck to her~~~

so I had give you the link to her blog below..
*make sure you visit it*

so I shall end here now~~
stay tune*I promise to update more*

*To make you easier, The links are below*


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