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Life, 4 days before Christmas

HI to all readers!!

I recently very hardworking, because too bored staying at home.
So I will update my blog almost everyday.
Yeah!! C'mon gimme some applause. *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

I went for shopping whole night.. WTF!! *okay, skip this*

So, I just came back from supper not long ago~
To be exact, I went to have supper at 10.35pm(20/12/2011).
And I came back at  11.30pm(20/12/2011).
*only me and my mum went*

Because of this late time, mostly all the shops and cafe are closed.
So we went to CHICAGO 7 for our HEAVY supper.

There's still a lot of people inside there
*Don't mind the photos. I'm not the one that took that. Source from Google images*
I ordered chicken chop and my mum ordered Fish and chips.
Fish and chips came first.(approximately it was done in only 5 minutes)
Then so I waited for mine.
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....
20 minutes passed.
Still not here.
The worst part was that the customer that came in later than us got their food first
*damn that fat guy*

I rushed them 3 times to get my food ~~
FML~~ I almost faint of hunger~
 Chicago 7
located at 2 ½ Rock Road Kuching.

My chicken chop~~
*Mashed potato really yummy*
Dissolved once entering your mouth....
The chicken gravy tasted more like steak gravy. Pepper too much.
For the salad or whatever*I know there's a name,but I forgot*,erm still acceptable.

overall still not bad~


So then I came back fulled.
So I decided to checked my mail, facebook, my messages from ebay,, ......etc etc..

Then I boring nothing do.
And some more lazy to take off my lenses, so I just simply took one photo.
And came out not bad~
The one below..
*Yeah Yeah! I know every time I said not bad, but to you is like ewwww or just okay*


 And lastly, 4 days till Christmas.
Are you guys ready??
Bought your gifts yet??
Well I did, and the good news is that EVEN MY CHINESE NEW YEAR LIST is gonna complete soon.

And if you do noticed my template for my blog changed again!

So I want some Christmas feel here in my blog.
So I changed them.
*KIASU??? <~~ Yeah, A lil bit*

SO MERRY 4 DAY$ count down  to Christmas!!


Well I guess this post ends here!
Stay tune!!

Miss Me Not!!

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