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Rom pov on :" dawn of the planet of ape"

I'm back with another blabbering post.

I'm not gonna be sad this time so don't worty or cringe your face when you read. Haha.

I just came back from movie. Watched "Dawn Of The Planet Of Ape".

The storyline is very very straight forward that I can know what will happen next. Its not a bad thing though.
The ape was very very surreal. The movement, the way they talk, the appearance when closeup... all was superb. Salute to the production crew.
The movie, for me, consisted of a lot of suspense. This moment they are talking then BAM! On the next second. Its not those scary type but still got me to sink lower into my seat. *yeah go ahead and laugh at me*
The only thing i don't like about the movie is that there's a tad bit too much of fight scene. But. That was the main selling point of the movie i guess. It was good but i dont really like it because blood blood blood. I hate blood.

I actually learnt a few marale from the story itself.

"Your closest teammate might be your worst enemy."
"Think before you act"
"Humanity and their fear"

Though some does not make sense but they made a hell lot of senses to me, at least.

So if i was to rate this movie, I'll rate this movie a 3.8/5  .... *dont hate me* that is just my personal point of view....


See.. i am not sad today. Though i might get sad anytime. Lol. Thanks to my friend though. He keot me distracted enough most of the time and kept me thinking positive. Im not going into details cause i scared i might get sad.. lol.. i'll tell you all how he helped me when i write again. Okay? Kkkkk..

Signing off now... but first let mr. Paranoid take a selfie.


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